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Our Dairy


About the cows:

   We milk Brown Swiss and Guernsey cows that produce milk rich in cream and protein. Brown Swiss are known for milk that produces high cheese yields. All our cows have been born on our farm

How to purchase:

Contact Renee on facebook, text, phone, or email at least 24 hours before pick up. Milk and cream can be picked up at the farm or you can sign up for our Quad City milk Co-op.

Raw Milk and Cream

Can't get any fresher than this! If you are looking for a healthier alternative from pasteurized, homogenized store milk or over processed soy, almond, or cashew "milks," look no further! Non-processed milk right from the cow contains antibodies and enzymes that make it easier for your body to digest (even for some of those who have been diagnosed lactose intolerant). Your body will benefit from the extra nourishment it can take from unprocessed milk and will not suffer from allergic reactions sometimes caused by processed milk. Plus it tastes so much better!

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